Credit without permanent employment

A loan without permanent employment is usually very difficult to get. Some banks exclude this from the outset, but other banks are quite willing to grant such a loan. This is especially true if the customer has the opportunity to provide additional collateral for the loan without permanent employment.



A firm attitude and a regular salary belong beside a faultless credit entry to the basic conditions for the admission of an installment or consumer credit. If the borrower can not then prove that he has a permanent position, this would mean that he can not fulfill a very important credit criterion. This is also the reason why freelancers and the self-employed often find it particularly difficult to find a bank that would be willing to take out a permanent job. In any case, they will have to convince the bank that they are earning so much that they can easily pay the monthly installments for the loan without permanent employment. Whether this would be possible is apparent, for example, from the current profit and loss account, the business accounting or the account statements of the last two to three months.

Additional collateral

Additional collateral

Before giving out a permanent loan, banks may also require additional collateral from the client. As a rule, there are particularly good chances of obtaining a loan if the borrower can find either a guarantor or a second applicant. However, those who take on this task should have a permanent position, which is also secured in the long term.

Otherwise, there are legitimate doubts as to whether the loan installments could be taken over in an emergency. This necessity will always arise if the actual borrower falls behind with the payment of the monthly repayment installments.
If no suitable guarantor is found, it would still be possible to use a debt-free property, a capital life insurance or a private pension insurance as collateral for the loan.

Personal loans and credit intermediaries

Personal loans and credit intermediaries

A loan could also be awarded in the kinship, acquaintance or circle of friends. There is often the advantage here that there is already a long relationship of trust and that private lenders can assess very well whether the borrower can meet his financial obligations. However, it is also very important to the circle of acquaintances to abide by the agreements made and to repay every loan properly. Otherwise, a lot of trust can be lost here.
Anyone who wants a loan without a permanent position could also turn to a credit intermediary. The corresponding addresses are usually found on the Internet. Here the customer can also contact you. The credit brokers will always try to find a suitable loan for everyone.
A loan without credit from Switzerland will usually not be this. The main reason for this is that such a loan is only given to those German citizens who have a permanent job. You are also not allowed to be in the probationary period.
Even temporary or temporary workers have bad cards at Swiss banks.

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