What Is Cage Phones?
Cage Phones is a website that aims to provide our visitors with information on how to obtain a mobile contract even though they have a poor credit score. We offer tips and advice in hopes that it will improve your chances of getting approved.
Why Do I Need This Site?
If you have been denied a mobile contract in the past because of your credit score, our site will help you out. Without our site you might find yourself constantly getting rejected from mobile companies, and each time you get turned down it makes it harder to get a mobile contract. You can stop the snowballing effect by applying the tips you learn on our site the next time you apply.
Why Does My Credit Score Matter?
Mobile phone contracts have increased in cost over the past few years. Data plans have become more expensive and the handsets are very valuable themselves. With so much being handed out by the mobile company, they want to be sure the person they are accepting is trustworthy. The best way they know how to do this is through your credit score. So even if you have the money to afford a contract, your credit score may be holding you back.
Can I Get A Phone Without Getting My Credit Checked?
You can, but we would no recommend it. Sites that claim to give you a mobile contract without checking your credit score can do so because they charge a lot more. Instead, you can get a mobile contract with a poor credit score by following some of the advice on our site and save yourself some money.
Can You Guarantee I'll Be Able To Get A Phone?
Unfortunately, no, we cannot. That is ultimately up to the mobile carriers. However with our help, we feel that your chances are greatly improved.
What Are Sim Only Contracts?
Sim Only contracts are a type of mobile contract in which the user only pays for a data plan, and does not get a handset included. The customer provides their own mobile phone, either by using an old one or purchasing it separately elsewhere. Sim Only deals are more likely to be approved by mobile companies because they are taking on less risk by not offering you a handset.
What Are Capped Contracts?
Capped Contracts are when your data plan cuts off when you reach your limit so that you do not get overage charges. You can learn more about them in our Capped Contracts Guide.
What Kind of Phone Can I Get?
While all types of mobile phones are available to you, the cheaper the handset you get, the more likely it is that you will be approved for your contract.
What If I Have Other Questions?
If you have any questions for Cage Phones, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.