Improve Acceptance Rates

Getting a mobile contract with poor credit can be a difficult process. Mobile carriers place a large emphasis on your credit score and will likely reject you if your score is too low.  In order to improve your chances of getting accepted there are several steps you should take.
The first thing to do is make sure you are applying for a contract you can reasonably get. If you know that you have bad credit, don't apply for a plan that includes the latest handset and a large data plan. Keep it simple for your first contract to make it more likely that they will say yes. Secondly, you should use a site like Cage Phones. We take the information you provide us and only match you up with phones we think you can get. We know the rules that mobile companies use to determine eligibility and we will only present you with fitting options for your circumstances. The third thing to try and do is improve your credit score. On our site you will find plenty of information on the best ways to improve your credit score. By bringing your credit score up, even just a little bit, you improve your chances of getting approved. Not only that but if you continue to raise your credit score, getting a normal mobile phone contract in the future won't be difficult. Having a great credit score is good for more than just getting a mobile contract, so this option is certainly no waste of time even if it doesn't help you get a mobile contract today.  The last thing to do is be patient. If you get rejected for a contract, wait a little time before applying again. If you apply too often it will show up on your credit report and make it even harder to get a phone. Take a couple of weeks off after a rejection and then try again.
If you follow the above advice you should have a pretty good chance of getting a mobile contract. To get started with Cage Phone, simply fill out our free application. Apply online today and you will be on your way to getting the cheapest bad credit mobile phones in the market!