Anderson Silva enjoys post-UFC boxing adventure: “I’m a free man”


GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Anderson Silva is having fun in the final chapter of his career in combat sports.

The former UFC middleweight champion and all-time grand MMA is excited about the prospect of being able to try his hand at a wide range of combat sports now that he’s no longer under contract with the UFC . Silva fought his last fight with the Las-Vegas-based promotion in October, when he titled UFC Fight Night 181 against Uriah Hall.

The fight with Hall ended a 15-year run inside the Octagon spanning 24 fights. The 46-year-old is happy to have finished his contract with the UFC as he is now in a position to dictate his future – something his compatriot MMA star Georges St-Pierre was unable to do when the ‘UFC stopped him from fighting Oscar De La Hoya in boxing.

“I put my heart into it and helped take the UFC to a different level,” Silva told MMA Junkie. “Of course my time is over in the UFC, but I just finished (my contract) because when I came to the UFC I was a free man. When I come out of the UFC, I’m a free man.

“I just want to do something that I love to do. And let me tell you something important, no one can say something for you, “You can’t do this, you can’t do that.” You can do anything in your life when you have passion and love. People can’t hold you back. Sure, maybe George (St-Pierre) has a contract, then he has a contract, but that doesn’t make sense. Dana White doesn’t need that.

Silva is days away from fulfilling a long-held dream, which involves her entering the sport of boxing against former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr .. The two meet in the event main event “Homage to the Kings” Saturday in Mexico.

The Brazilian wanted to box Roy Jones Jr. years ago before the recent wave of MMA fighters entered the boxing world. Silva and Jones Jr. had publicly declared their interest in organizing the fight, but the fight never materialized.

“I put (he) on the table many years ago this opportunity to show the world,” Silva said of not having the opportunity to box Jones Jr. “I gave the opportunity at the UFC to change everything, but it hasn’t. it’s not happening right now and it’s good. I think now everything is new and people want to see the entertainment.

Silva has her eyes set on her boxing comeback this Saturday, but beyond that, “The Spider” has no idea where his career will go. And that’s more than good for him.

“Anything is possible,” Silva explained. “Now I’m just trying to challenge myself. Maybe I’m fighting on the same map that my son is fighting kickboxing. Maybe fighting jiu-jitsu – GI or no GI. Maybe fighting jiu-jitsu – GI or no GI. muay-thai. I’m very excited to go to Thailand, train and fight in Thailand. I don’t know. Anything is possible. “

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