Askren says Jake Paul only earned his respect after Woodley fight


Ben Askren says Jake Paul has finally earned his respect.

Askren made his boxing debut against Paul in April, where he suffered a first round knockout loss. It was a disappointing result for “Funky” who spoke quite a bit and thought Paul was not a very good boxer.

Although Askren lost to Paul, he says he still didn’t respect Paul’s skills. However, that changed on Sunday night when the fiery YouTuber-turned-boxer defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision. Although Askren thinks Woodley won, he says Paul earned his respect.

“The other thing that happened, for me, I gained a lot of respect for Jake Paul. I know he had a TKO on me but I knew I was not very good at boxing” Askren said on an Instagram video (via MMAFighting). “I told you all I’m not a very good boxer, I just think I’m better than him. So when he knocked me down, yeah little doesn’t matter, he didn’t earn my respect. Watching him against Tyron, I have a lot of respect for Tyron’s punching ability and I think Tyron won the fight.

“But anyway, it was a very competitive fight and I think it’s pretty obvious – and the only way you don’t think is if you really hate the guy and I don’t hate him, I’m anything to him – it’s pretty obvious to me that he’s been working hard enough and he’s tough enough. He took some really big hits from Tyron and he kept fighting. So to In that regard, he earned my respect, of course, in a way that he didn’t in my fight or in any of his fights before, ”Askren continued.

There is no doubt that Jake Paul took boxing seriously as he spent the last three years of his life training and working on the trade. He also has millions of dollars to spend on himself in order to recruit the best coaches and training partners. He even moved to Puerto Rico, away from Los Angeles and the party to focus on boxing.

With the win over Woodley, Paul improved to 4-0 and it’s unclear what his next step will be. As for Askren, he is retired and it is almost certain that he will never come back.

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