Islam Makhachev goes full Michael Jordan on Luke Rockhold


It’s always a good thing when your talent is compared to “His Airness” Michael Jordan, and Islam Makhachev says he has earned such honor in past AKA sparring sessions with Luke Rockhold.

Fifth-ranked lightweight Islam Makhachev is currently the owner of an eight-game winning streak with performances that have many people believe he is made for a future world champion. If that was to be said to someone at AKA, it would be preaching to the choir.

Those of AKA have always publicly praised Makhachev’s skill level. And according to a recent story from the man himself, one teammate in particular gave him big praise behind closed doors as well.

Islam Makhachev claims he ragdolled Luke Rockhold during sparring

According to Makhachev, there was one specific incident where a teammate grudgingly complimented him on his abilities after being repeatedly thrown by the Russian. And wouldn’t you know, this man is none other than UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold.

“When [Rockhold] was preparing for Machida’s fight, Machida was a left-hander. So I seemed to be the only left-hander in the gym at the time. Luke is tall compared to me, but Javier [Mendez] asked me, ‘Islam, please take a few tours with him. We need a left-hander. I’ve always accepted, ”Makhachev’s story began in an interview with RT Sport.

“So we fought a lot of times, and I can’t remember a single time that I didn’t manage to do a two-legged judo teardown on him. It was more than one or two, five or ten times. Much more.”

Eventually, Rockhold had had enough and was determined to put an end to his embarrassment, but it only got worse.

“So he comes in for another sparring, gives me little gloves and says, ‘Today you won’t throw me!’ So the sparring starts and I start it again… ”Makhachev continued with a smile. “And he’s in the air, really upset and already screaming loudly.” I do not know. He has such long legs, maybe that’s why I’ve always done it so easily.

With reports that Khabib Nurmagomedov is considering a football crossover, we made the comparison with Khabib and Michael Jordan: two men who retired at the top of their sport to embark on another. We rated Khabib’s interest in football as “full Michael Jordan”. But if you ask “Air Rockhold”, the comparison with Jordan is more appropriate for Khabib’s successor, Islam Makhachev.

“Yes, he was really angry, and still very focused on our fight, like ‘You’re not going to do this today!'”, Continued Makhachev. And then he said, ‘You’re like Jordan in basketball in terms of the throws. “”

Are you surprised to hear this story from UFC lightweight Islam Makhachev repeatedly throwing former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold?

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