Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson take it down on Twitter


Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson rekindle their feud on social media.

Corey Anderson was riding high after arriving in the first round against Ryan Bader last Saturday night in the semi-finals of the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix. That was until he got a Tweet from his former opponent Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz called Anderson after his victory.

“Wait… So a guy who ran away from the UFC after I slept him and almost made him retire, got a few 2nd league wins and claims he’s the best?” Blachowicz wrote. “Maybe I hit him too hard… No class in winning or losing Corey.” There are levels to that.

Blachowicz holds a victory over Anderson in the back when they fought in the UFC at UFC Fight Night 167. He took a moment in his own fight preparations to remind Anderson who exactly is the King of the Kings. light heavyweights. Anderson didn’t just put up with this insult, he came back himself chatting a bit.

“Let’s not forget,” Anderson replied. “What happened to you the first time I let you look like an elephant man.” And you posted “I have to go home and rethink my career.” Yeah, I got knocked out in our 2nd fight (stroke of luck?) But I played you loose for 15 minutes straight, nothing lucky about that.

Anderson left the UFC in 2020 right after the second fight with Blackowicz. He then signed with Bellator and won his three fights with the new organization. Anderson is just one fight away from winning the Bellator light heavyweight title. As for Blachowicz, following his victory over Anderson, he won the UFC 205-pound title and defends it for the second time when he faces Glover Teixeira at UFC 267.

If Jan Blachowicz and Corey Anderson fought for the third time now, who do you think would win?

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