Kayla Harrison is not excited about the game against Cindy Dandois


On June 25 at PFL 6, Kayla Harrison will be donning MMA gloves again, but the former Olympian is not thrilled to know who she is up against.

Kayla Harrison is 9-0 with an unblemished MMA record. Her accolades continue to accumulate as the former Judoka won the PFL season against Larissa Pacheco in 2019 to secure the $ 1 million cash prize. Just over a month ago, Harrison returned to the PFL cage and faced off against Mariana Morais, and once again Harrison proved why she is so dominant with a TKO victory on floor and pound.

Dandois is a seasoned fighting game veteran. With a 16-6 record, Dandois competed on the same card as Harrison, however, the two fighters had very different results. Despite a valiant effort, Dandois lost a unanimous decision to Kaitlin Young. After hearing about some of the personal issues Dandois goes through, it seems Kayla Harrison is reluctant to fight with her fellow students.

“Well, to be honest I wasn’t super excited about it,” Harrison told MMA Junkie. “She’s the only girl I didn’t want to fight – not stylistically or anything. I listened to an interview she did where, I don’t know, she has six children, and her mother just died of cancer, and this is her last hurray. And I was like, ‘Damn, I really don’t want to put the nail in the coffin.’ “(H / t Fanside)

Ultimately Harrison is an accomplished professional and won’t let emotions get in the way of her performance at PFL 6. As a two-time Olympic gold medalist, Harrison doesn’t look behind Dandois and can appreciate her winning record. Additionally, both fighters will serve as the main event for the upcoming PFL 6 show.

Do you believe Kayla Harrison will continue her reign of terror in the PFL or has she met her match?

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