‘Matt was about to handle this’


Din Thomas did not feel the need to enlist Matt Serra’s assistance when the latter faced Joshua Fabia in 2020. Fabia had an argument with many people who criticized his coaching practices and his dominant presence in the career of UFC veteran Diego Sanchez. .

Joshua Fabia approached Serra while filming “ Dana White: Looking FWD to a fight ” and accused the former champion of disrespecting her.

In a recent interview with Sirius XM, Din Thomas, who was present at the scene, recalled the incident. Thomas said that while the situation was bizarre, Matt Serra was quite capable of handling it on his own.

The retired MMA fighter joked that he was only focused on capturing the entire incident on camera while Serra took care of Fabia.

“I don’t really have to fight for Matt Serra. You know what I’m saying? My job is to film it… I don’t have to get up when him and Matt Serra are doing their thing. ‘Coz Matt Serra can fight her own battles. If there were more people I would have stood up. Was trying to do is get the pictures, “Din Thomas said.

What happened when Joshua Fabia faced off against Matt Serra?

While filming Dana White: Looking FWD to a Fight, Din Thomas and Matt Serra were confronted by Diego Sanchez’s trainer Joshua Fabia as they had breakfast.

Fabia started ranting at them at the breakfast table and accused Matt Serra of disrespecting her to the rest of the media.

“When I’m high and you don’t even want to say my name. When it’s been mentioned in an interview and they ask you about me, you can see my name, you know they’re talking about me you’re actually saying on camera like you’re so scorned with me that you can’t even say my brother name. It’s kinda cold, “said Joshua Fabia.

Matt Serra, who is known for his frankness in dealing with nuisance, had Joshua Fabia at a loss for words in a heated exchange. The semi-viral clip has been around since Diego Sanchez left the UFC in April 2021.

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