Video | Petr Yan castigates Sean O’Malley over a previous MMA fight: “Did the poodle Suga teach Alja his acting skills?”


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Petr Yan lambasted Sean O’Malley for one of his previous MMA fights, asking him “Did the poodle Suga teach Alja his acting skills?”

Yan was the UFC bantamweight champion, but lost it at UFC 259 earlier this year when he hit Aljamain Sterling with an illegal knee that ended the fight. Since that night, Yan has taken to social media to troll Sterling for accepting the DQ victory in their match. There is no love lost between Yan and Sterling and the hope is that these two meet later this year in a high profile rematch with the UFC bantamweight in play, the same division as O. ‘Malley – one of UFC’s biggest stars at 135 – participates in.

Another fighter Yan liked to troll on social media is O’Malley, and on Friday he shot his rival while mocking O’Malley and Yan. Yan took to his Twitter and posted a clip of a video of O’Malley’s 2014 amateur fight against Carlos Lozoya, which O’Malley won in the fifth round after the referee stopped the fight due to illegal punches to the back of the head. Find out what Yan told his rival O’Malley about this DQ victory.

Did the suga poodle teach Alja his acting skills? Who deserves more Oscar? # p * ssies

Yan looks likely to fight Sterling in an upcoming rematch, but a fight with O’Malley at some point in the future cannot be ruled out. O’Malley is someone the UFC has been trying to push as a 135-pound contender over the past few years, so if he can keep winning fights he’ll reach the top of the division, where he’ll be. finds Yan and Sterling are right now.

Who do you think would win a bantamweight fight between Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley?

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